EUCLIDE (Euclid University) Bangui

EUCLIDE (“Euclid University”), from Bangui to the United Nations

Euclid University, in French “Pôle Universitaire Euclide”, is an international and intergovernmental university whose historic headquarters are in Bangui (these remains in force even after the relocation of operations to the Gambia in 2013). Euclid University did not actually begin as a university but rather as a cooperation program between the University of Bangui and other like-minded institutions, and its origins are linked to the international vision of Prime Minister Faustin Archange TOUADERA when he was rector University of Bangui (2003-2008).

First conceived to be an international extension of the University of Bangui in 2006 (still listed as such in some directories), EUCLIDE was redefined and formally constituted as an autonomous institution in 2008 by a constitutive intergovernmental agreement that is now registered with the UN Secretariat ( 49006/49007 ).

The Central African Republic became a member State in 2010 and the headquarters agreement was signed in 2011. This legal framework extends to Euclid University the effect of the UNESCO Regional Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Certificates, diplomas, degrees and other qualifications in higher education, of which the Central African Republic is one of 22 signatories.

EUCLID is among the few universities operating under public international law. In the 2011 “international list,” the other institutions were the United Nations University (Japan), the World Maritime University ( Sweden) , the Institute of Maritime Law (Malta) and the European University Institute.

EUCLID trains diplomats and officials from 11 countries, including 7 in Africa, as well as for ECOWAS. Since 2011 , the charter EUCLID is recorded and published by the Secretariat of the United Nations under Article 102 of the UN Charter regarding the publication of treaties. This was a very important step to ensure that any questions about the existence of the treaty and EUCLID’s legal mandate would be settled by reference to this authoritative reference.

Photos: (1 ) Prime Minister Faustin Archange TOUADERA with Deputy Secretary General Ms. EUCLID Imara in 2011. (2) Toihiri Ambassador of the Comoros, Ms. Niyonzima receiving his degree, HE Prime Minister Faustin Touadéra the Niyonzima Ambassador of Burundi, the Central African Doubane ambassador ; in April 2012 in New York.

Official documents related to Euclid University:

  • Convention establishing EUCLID University as signed by the Prime Minister in 2010
  • Registration of the EUCLID treaty in the United Nations registry of treaties
  • The official text of the Euclid University Headquarters Agreement in Bangui, signed in 2011
  • Registration of the Headquarters Agreement with the United Nations for reference
  • A decision of Appointment of the EUCLID National Focal Point by the Prime Minister’s Office
  • Joint Letter sent to the Permanent Mission of the United States with official information on Euclid University | Letter sent to Oregon ODA to ensure validation of EUCLID University (completed in 2013)
  • Note Verbale of the Prime Minister’s office relative to EUCLID’s AAU membership
  • Réponse des Nations Unies concernant WHED et l’accréditation d’EUCLIDE (décembre 2012)
  • Joint Letter to the United Kingdom and UK ERIC NARIC for EUCLID certification